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  Our entire service consultancy fee is possibly upto 50% funded by BSF for all SMEs on no return basis.  

XISMEDIA holds a focused approach towards today's business needs and maximizing corporate potential. XISMEDIA provides a unique blend of strategic elements of management and business expertise that take companies on a higher level and push their performance beyond par. Following the business patterns of today’s challenging environment, XISMEDIA has been engaged in providing top of the line, quality solutions for our clients.

Customer Inquiry System (CIS)
Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Human Recruitment Information System (HRIS)

Student Information System (SIS)

Corporate CD Presentation (CCP)

Graphic Design Solutions (GDS)

E-commerce Solutions (ES)

Printing Suite (PTS)

Property Suite (PPS)

Content Management System (CMS)

Sales Increase
Improve efficiency
Employment creation
Increasing exports
Cost reduction
assistance is given through BSF on no return basis As a premium (business development services provides) BDSP consultants, our entire service consultancy fee is possibly 50% funded by BSF for all SMEs, those who wish to apply for grant.
July 25, 2008

arrange up to 50% of our consultancy fees from BSF for our valuable clients as follows:

Adsells Publicity Pvt. Ltd.
Ask Advertising
AAB-E-Kausar (Janat Cola)
Bhinder Surgical Company
Graphoscan Supplies Pvt. Ltd.
Hikam Industries
Shahid Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.
Kashmir Leather Garments
Madina Poly Packages
RM Engineering
Precision Forgings Pvt. Ltd.
Friends Printing Press
Pioneer Jute Mills Pvt. Ltd.
Air Continental Pvt. Ltd.

We can route you to Business Support Funds and join Hands to improve your business efficiency as well as arranging the finance for our services.


Change Management

  Customer relationship Management
  Enterprise Relationship Management
  Finance management
  Human resource management



Healthcare Exports
Airlines Professional Services
Automotive Printing
Distribution Property
Retail Management
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